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What role will I play in the design process?
Creel Bay Digital asks all customers to assist in the web design process. We need pictures and content in order to make the website unique and to fit your business.
What does responsive mean?
Websites made by Creel Bay Digital will scale to the size of the screen of the user. In other words, when your website is accessed from a mobile phone, it will change to fit the screen in order to be easy to navigate.
I don't understand computers, will this be an issue?
All maintenance and updates will be provided by Creel Bay Digital or partners.
What is hosting?
Hosting is what makes your site visible on the internet. Everything you see online is "hosted" somewhere. 
What is SEO?
SEO is short for search engine optimization. With good SEO you will be ranked higher on search engines. 
How much do updates cost?
Updates are charged at an hourly rate of $30. Simple updates take under an hour.
Will my site be secure?
All sites made and hosted by Creel Bay Digital will be SSL encrypted and backed-up.
Can we make changes to our site?
When we finish your website we would be happy to show you the basics of the back-end of your site, but we would prefer to make changes.
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